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"It was an intensely rewarding week and I'm sure with its prestige and my new leadership knowledge, many more doors will open for me."



BGS Endowment Fund Scholarship Recipients

Julianna Bragg - Medina High School

Alexandra Born - Madeira High School

Anna MacLennan - Anderson High School

These BGS Delegates are the recipients of the Buckeye Girls State Endowment Fund Scholarship of $1,000 each. Congratulations to each of you. Thank you to the selection committee that worked very hard to select these delegates. We had about 300 applications that this committee went through. Every applicant had many exemplary qualities and each delegate was deserving of this scholarship.

This scholarship is made possible from our American Legion Auxiliary members and friends who make donations to our BGS Endowment Fund Scholarship program. This year, we had enough funds to give three (3) $1,000 scholarships. Thank you to those who made donations this year!

Critical info for the Class of 2020

2021 session dates - JUNE 13 through JUNE 19, 2021.

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