2000 Newspaper

Buckeye Girls State 2000
Newspaper: The Buckeye


Federalist Party

The Federalists centered their platform on the issues of patriotism, gun control, education, and the crime rate.


The Federalists long-term educational goal is to establish free state colleges. The standards for the teachers should be raised, and teacher performance should be evaluated through random, frequent checks and student and parents evaluations.

Crime Rate

Crime could be reduced by lengthening prison terms and implementing counseling and rehabilitation for criminals. Federalists adopt a no tolerance policy towards non-enforcement and lenient judges.

Gun Control

Illegal owners and dealers of guns should be punished more harshly. Education programs on the effects of gun violence should be established. Applicants for a gun license should be required to go through a training and education program. A gun tax should be used to fund free gunlocks.


Citizens should be educated on why voting is central to American democracy.

Nationalist Party

The Nationalists chose to focus on the issues of education, prison reform, health care, and welfare reform.


- distribution of funding

Education dollars should be distributed to schools based on number of students, not location, lessening the inequality of poor and rich schools.

- overcrowding

Overcrowding is a major problem in our schools resulting from insufficient funding.
Prison Reform

- saving tax dollars

Prisoners shouldn’t be provided with any luxury, such as cable TV or air conditioning. Free college course work should not be offered to prisoners.

- severity of punishment

Harsher punishments would prevent crime.
Welfare Reform

The length of time a person may receive welfare payments should be limited.

Health Care

everyone should have equal access to health care.

Special Note: Forms have been left in the City Counselors folders for email addresses. Those citizens wishing to have their email address listed in the Roster should sign up. Any staff wishing to have their email address listed, the form is in the Information Center. Please complete before 10:00 PM Wednesday night if you want to make it in the Roster.

Buckeye Cities Unite!

Imagine you are watching CNN, and you see a report covering the United Nations. The story is about two very different countries that cannot get along. Did you ever wonder just how all of those ambassadors and dignitaries can even sit in the same room together? After all, many of these countries hold extremely opposite ideologies. And, we do not have one huge, massive “world government†here on earth. Each country has its own independence, or in some cases, is fighting for independence.

The cities and counties here at BGS can be thought of as a miniature United Nations in some ways. Each city is different. Each has their own goals, regulations, etc. Even the Delegates within each city are unique individuals.

So, the question arises, for example, “What if a Delegate in my City wants to do something one way, and I think we should do it another way?†Or, what if the members of a particular school board disagree on what policies, or budget to pass? The answer to both scenarios will be seen all around at Buckeye Girls State this week: RESPECT!

Although we may not always agree with each other, we have a duty as good citizens to always show respect to others. As Americans, we have a right to our own beliefs. As was once said about the First Amendment, “I may not agree with what you say, but I will defend your right to say it.â€

Each one of the cities here at Buckeye Girls State has a right to be proud and to express its individual character. At the same time, as members of the larger, BGS community, we all have a duty to show respect to each other and to appreciate each other’s individualism.

- Sue Luxon, Esq.
Judicial Branch Assistant

Key Conspiracy???

A Janis City resident reported her room key missing on June 12, 2000 at 7:47 AM. Foul play is suspected by the owner and roommate. The missing property has been valued at $25.00. The victim reports going to breakfast and upon returning to her room, finding the door locked. She then searched extensively for her key to no avail. She was then forced to summon the authorities and locksmith. Several Citizens of Janis City suspect an opposing candidate is responsible for the disappearance. The frenzied and discouraged resident stated between sobs, “I just want to get in…I need my deodorant!†Janis City residents plead, “For the sake and sanity of our fine community, return the key!â€

- Amanda Hall, Janis City

Shrink's Office Opens in Storer City

Do you ever find yourself too stressed out? Do you need someone to talk to and give you advice? Do you need help? Well the solution to all of your problems is just a hop, skip and a jump away in Kilhefner Hall. Today in Shimek County, Storer City to be exact, Hammond and Howard Psychiatrists’ Office opened. The office, in room #510 is owned and operated by two reputable doctors. They earned their Doctorate of Psychiatry at Ohio University in 1994. Hammond and Howard are praised for their merit and dedication to their field. When the stress gets high don’t blow your top make a stop at Hammond and Howard.

- Meghan Wise, Storer City

Jo Ann Davidson Speaks at Buckeye Girls State

The citizens of Buckeye Girls State received an energetic welcome at the official opening ceremonies of the Girls State program. Director Sara Huckeby was master of ceremonies and rallied the citizens’ political enthusiasm. The Girls State department heads were introduced and Betty Montgomery, Ohio’s Attorney General, was the surprise guest speaker. Montgomery showed the citizens her excited support, and was impressed by the boundless energy of the Girl Staters.

The keynote speaker for the night was Ohio Speaker of the House Jo Ann Davidson. Davidson spoke of the many accomplishments of Ohio female politicians and hailed how far women have come in our government within the last century. “I hope,†Davidson asserted, “that the first female President of the United States is sitting in this room.†This suggestion was greeted with loud cheers from the citizens. Davidson explained the key role that the Girl Staters would play in America’s future, and how important each job is to the overall success and well-being of Buckeye Girls State.

Her speech was well received by the citizens. Said one resident of Rice City, “she was inspirational…she really emphasized what being at Buckeye Girls State is all about.†The sentiments of the other citizens were similar.

Girls State is a hands-on week long government simulation for girls all across Ohio. Girls can run for all types of political offices on the state, county and city level. Many participants value this program as an educational and beneficial experience. It is sure to be a successful undertaking for all citizens involved.

- Emma Haas, Rice City

Winner of Ideal City Award
City of Mayer
Winner of Ideal County Award
County of Osborne
(Based on Government Functioning on Monday)

Delegates Time to Shine

Song and dance is here in the air at Buckeye Girls State. The annual variety show is giving girls the opportunity to showcase talent, but by audition only. Such acts include singing, dancing, dramatics, and instrumentals among other things. The auditions were held on Monday, June 12, between 7 and 10 p.m.

The variety show is notorious for having very stiff competition. Headed by Leslie Michel, Brian Myers, Jan Blausey, and Katie Curl, they decide who would be right for the show.

About a hundred girls signed up to audition, but unfortunately only twenty-six acts will be chosen. Leslie Michel is the choir director here at Girls State, and is also handling the vocal auditions. There is a great variety of songs being sung, ranging from swing music, Disney classics, Motown hits, and sweet ballads. Ms. Michel looks for definite stage presence in the soloist, but also breath support, diction, and tune. Most girls auditioning had no problem singing in front of people, and enjoy the spotlight. There were quite a few girls singing uplifting religious songs, which helped them in the auditioning process. Dancing proves to be competitive, and many girls sensed the struggle to make it in this show. However, two best friends found a way to have fun and find a way to compete in the variety show at the same time. Dancing to " Bye, Bye,Bye'' by N sync,the girls combined hip-hop dancing with balletic grace to put on quite an explosive performance.

Mr. Brian Myers is in charge of instrumentals and some drama auditions. He admits that the odds are hard and â€the more unique, the better". He looks for stability, and quality performance in the soloists. In drama, he is on the lookout for emphasis and exaggeration. Such girls played instruments as the piano, playing classical songs as well as pop tunes.

Although competition is difficult, each girl auditioning is special and talented in her own unique way. There is a lot of hidden talent here at Buckeye Girl's State, and we wish all of the auditioners the best of luck.

- Meghan Wise and Rebecca Howard, Storer City

One Vote Counts

One vote determined that Americans speak English, not German
One vote made Texas part of the United States
One vote saved President Andrew Johnson from impeachment
One vote changed France from a monarchy to a republic
One vote admitted California, Idaho, Washington and Oregon to the Union
One vote saved the Selective Service only 12 weeks before Pearl Harbor

Message from the Editor:

Our reporters are doing a great job. I regret that we have limited space but we try to cover as many areas of BGS as we can.

We’re looking forward to seeing the poems and the city pages


Buckeye Girls State Highway Patrol Traffic Laws

These traffic laws will be enforced only while government is functioning.

  • A sidewalk is a highway.
  • Walking down the sidewalk is the same as driving a vehicle upon the highway.
  • Everyone must have in her possession a valid Buckeye Girls State Driver’s License.
  • No running (Also known as "speeding").
  • Walking on the sidewalk with a soft drink can is our equivalent of driving while under the influence of alcohol.
  • Two people walking on the sidewalk side by side is the equivalent of drag racing.
  • All "vehicles" will be "driven" on the right half of the "roadway".
  • All "vehicles" must come to a complete stop at every intersection marked by a solid tape or chalk line.
  • All "vehicles" must signal before passing, turning or stopping.
  • When given by hand and arm, signals shall be given from the left side of the vehicle in the following manner:
    • Left turn - hand and arm extended horizontally.
    • Right turn - hand and arm extended upward.
    • Stop - hand and arm extended downward.
  • Stopping on the "highway" will be considered parking. Parking on the traveled portion of the "highway" is not legal. Parking is permitted on the "berm" (the grass) but "vehicle" travel is not permitted on the "berm". No "vehicle" will cut through the grass area.
  • If your license has been revoked or suspended the word "passenger" will be written on your seatbelt by the court. To travel at BGS you will have to hold hands with a licensed driver and be a passenger.

BGS Traffic Law Definitions

Berm - The grass next to a sidewalk.

Vehicle - The person who you are. Every citizen and staff member of Buckeye Girls State is considered to be in physical control of herself and therefore her vehicle.

Driver - Any Citizen or staff member who walks upon any public highway and who is, therefore, in actual physical control of her vehicle.

Highway - All designated walkways within the state including but not limited to sidewalks, hallways, stairways and other paved areas.

Operating - Moving or being in actual physical control of a personal vehicle.

Signal - A gesture of the hand and arm which indicates vehicle movements. Signals will be given from the left side of the vehicle.

Speeding (or excessive speed) - Is a pace that requires both feet of a vehicle to be off the ground at any given instant in order to complete a single stride (also known as "running"). Movement of a vehicle is not considered excessive speed when one foot remains in contact with the ground at all times.

Under the Influence of Alcohol - Consuming liquids of any substance and any form, i.e., drinking from a soda con or through a straw.

The weather today is expected to be in the 80s with high humidity. Thunderstorms are predicted in the evening. Have a beautiful day. - Meghan Kelly

Missing: 36 chocolates were reported missing Sunday evening at the General Assembly. Foul play is suspected. The citizens of Mock, who reported the kidnapping, are determined to find and prosecute the perpetrators. Mayor Whitney Downs stated "I feel that it may have been a mistake that they took the chocolates, but they should have [replaced it]. A piece of all of us is missing because we didn’t get that chocolate." She urges the guilty party to come forward so a peaceful solution may be reached.

- Talya Haurce, Mock City

BGS Alumnus Comes Back to Make a Difference

Benson City has been afforded a wonderful opportunity to work with Kelly Johnson, our government adviser. Fellow city members feel comfortable approaching her with any questions because of her friendly attitude and positive outlook.

Kelly is a former BGS delegate and said that her experience here the first few days were frustrating and nothing seemed to work out. Although she said "after the elections were over, things started going and my city grew closer."In the end, Kelly did not want to leave because of the friendships she made. Working in the Attorney General’s office, she felt her background would be resourceful to the delegates at BGS.

The important message Kelly wanted to leave girls is to "make the most of this week, because if you don’t you will regret it. The friendships you gain here are the most significant aspect of BGS."

- Meghen Kelly, Benson City

Winner of Ideal City Award
City of Mock
Winner of Ideal County Award
County of Osborne

Cook City is Cookin’

Cook City has been full of adventure the past three days. The boring, white dorm walls have been transformed into a tropical environment. Everyone has helped decorate walls and doors with not only campaign signs, but also palm trees, plants, suns, flowers, jungle vines and flamingos. All Cookers seem excited to participate in the tropical theme. Adding more signs to the room doors are business signs. The businesses vary from a tattoo parlor, bakery, and Ghetto Fabulous Clothing.

- Jeanna Volp, Cook City

"Dorm Mom" Grateful for Girls

The counselor (mom) at Diller City in Clark Hall has expressed her gratitude for the interest, behavior, and consideration hat girls have shown. She continued to say that much talent can be extracted from these "first class citizens" and that not only can their parents be congratulated, but their educators as well.

"I hope the other counselors here can say the same for their girls," Cox said. "They are taking it easy on me for my first year, and I’m thankful. The experience has had an impact on my attitude for our future."

- Cheryl Cox, Counselor

Board Game Inspires Janis City

Take a walk around the fair city of Janis in Riley County and what will you see? Besides the scurrying citizens and the campaign signs, you will see a city in business. Janis City has been inspired by the popular board game, Monopoly, and has adopted the same theme. The doors of every room have been decked out to mimic Monopoly squares and the businesses in the rooms relate directly to the game. For example, Room 308 has been transformed into the B.O.R.R. company (The Body Odor Reducers of Riley) under the direction of Katie Greeve and Jessie Truchan. Naturally, the store will be selling lotions, perfumes, and deodorants. The citizens have chosen "Under the Boardwalk" as the official song, and "Do Not Pass Go … Do Not Collect $200" as their motto. Under this theme, the residents of Janis have happily and quickly adapted and united. So, citizens of Girls State, take a walk through Janis--visitors are welcome!

- Amanda Hall, Janis City

Pat Vivo Gives Speech

"In life, when you come to a stop sign, you can do two things: turn right or turn wrong." Professional speaker Pat Vivo wowed an eager audience of Buckeye Girls State attendees last night, taking them on an "emotional roller coaster" through life. A mother of 8 children and the owner of 12 dogs, this talented woman holds numerous awards and degrees, but "the 8 kids is the only thing that impresses people," she joked to the audience. "Everything she said hit home," said one girl as she left the building. Vivo’s speech addressed all aspects of human life--being a daughter, mother, teacher, wife, and many more. She emphasized the importance of "sticking to the job" and supporting other people. As Vivo talked about growing up with deaf parents, and the losses of her mother and husband, she told the girls to "say what you want to say before it’s too late." The room of girls alternately shook with laughter, stood cheering, or sat silently, concentrating on her speech. Tears, sniffles, and the loud honk of the nose of one BGS girl were heard by all attending. Large boxes of Kleenex were passed around in many cities. After her speech, he book, titled "Turn Right at the Next Corner," was sold for the discounted price of $13.50. A swarm of girls surrounded her or autographs and to talk to her. Beck in the dorms there were long lines for the telephone as girls took Vivo’s advice and called home. "This was definitely the highlight of my week so far!" - Carol Scott


Seeing Through Her Eyes:
Girls State meets Lorna

On June 11, a thousand delegates came to Ashland University to participate in Buckeye Girls State 2000. When they arrived, they were greeted with hundreds of smiles, endless laughter, and a golden-haired, panting beauty. Meet Lorna, an 11 year-old lab/golden retriever mix and her trainer Sharon Dunning, secretary to the director of Buckeye Girls State. The inseparable pair are part of the Canine Companions for Independence, an organization dedicated to training dogs that will be placed with people with disabilities. Sharon has been walking Lorna around campus as the dog completes two years of training, culminating in November when she will go back to the training center for 6 more months of extensive training. In this exclusive interview, Lorna "talks" about her time at Girls State, the lessons that she has learned, and about the many people she has befriended.

How have you been treated by the girls here?

"Wow. I have met so many people and it’s wonderful because everyone wants to play with me and pet me. And I love all the pets and rub downs."

Why did you chose to train at Girls State?

"My training is to meet people and socialize. This is a perfect opportunity. I’ve had to lay under Sharon’s desk for hours and hours. And I have to be really quiet in the dining room. I am now training on my commands using positive reinforcement. I have to greet people calmly. If you come up to me, I will shake [paws]/hands with you."

What office would you have liked to run for at Girls State?

"I would run for deputy dog because it’s what I do best. I think I could run unopposed."

Are you a Federalist or a Nationalist?

"I consider myself to be a neutral party. I like everyone."

As a bystander at Girls State, how would you describe the atmosphere?

"I see 2,000 knees."

How would you describe the experience that you have had here?

"It’s been fantastic. I love meeting all the people and I love all the attention. I even got my picture taken with part of the staff … I got to sit in the front row. I feel like queen dog for a week. However, the toughest part is that I don’t get to go out and play with friends. I miss my dog friends."

What have you learned at Girls State that will prepare you for your future?

"The most grueling thing is learning how to be quiet hours during the day, which reinforces everything that I have ever learned."

What will you miss the most after you leave?

"All the hugs and all the love."

What have the girls taught you?

"How to meet and greet … how to live with everyone."

Any final words?

"I know that I am different than all of you, and that I sorta stand out. I sure love all the special attention and all the wonderful people that I got to meet."

by Melanie Mayhew, Gish

Winner of Ideal City Award
City of Junge
Winner of Ideal County Award
County of Shimek

The Junge City

The City of Junge is booming with industry! Tarot readings, book shops, plumbers, and other businesses are drawing the attention of visitors from various cities in Riley County. The Junge’s parks and recreational areas are also in use now. Monkeys are climbing all over the place, and the mail center has been established. So come visit the exciting Junge City today!

- Jenny Tabatabaie, Junge City

Supreme Court Justice at BGS

Buckeye Girls State was honored to have Supreme Court Justice Alice Robie Resnick present to swear in our State Officials Wednesday night. Justice Resnick is active in programs to assist women in legal positions and prevent gender discrimination. She is only the second woman to serve on the Ohio Supreme Court and has held this position for 12 years.

Justice Resnick attributes her success to supportive parents, her education in a women’s college, and the sacrifices of the many women who came before her. She was able to overcome the long standing gender barrier in the court system by ignoring her disadvantages and overlooking discrimination.

As we return to our schools and communities, Justice Resnick urges us to spread our enthusiasm and understanding of the patriotism which is central to our country’s freedom. What we do is important and we can do anything, from voting and urging our communities to vote, to running for public office.

- Talya Havice, Mock City

The Sounds of Music

What do you get when you combine enthusiasm, determination, fun-loving individuals,and incredible musical talent? Why the Buckeye Girls State Band and Chorus, of course!

The girls in the band and chorus have done the amazing. After two short rehearsals, each group performed before the entire population of Buckeye Girls State on Tuesday night and did a superb job. The band played selections that included patriotic, and pop numbers, and the chorus sang an inspiring song. Both musical groups were well received, as the BGS citizens were dancing in the aisles to the band, and the chorus received a standing ovation.

No band or choir is complete without a director, however, and the same is true at Buckeye Girls State. The band is directed by Brian Myers, a graduate of Bowling Green State University, and assistant direct at Eastwood. He has directed the BGS Band for five years. When asked why he returns every year, Brian says, "It’s fun, and a very positive environment. Music is my area of expertise, and this is how I can help out the Auxiliary."

The chorus is directed by Leslie Michels, who is in her third year at Bowling Green State University, and directs the children’s choir at her church. She was a delegate to Buckeye Girls Sate in 1996 and she has returned every year since then. Leslie says that what she likes best about the BGS Chorus is "the girls. It’s a rarity that I get to direct a choir of girls that want to sing, that really can sing, and that actually listen to me and do what I want them to do."

So when you hear a powerful and terrific melody coming from the Ashland University campus this week, you can be sure that the Buckeye Girls State Band and Chorus are hard at work, bringing music to the 2000 session of BGS.

- Jennifer Snyder, Hayes City

Boys at Buckeye Girl’s State?!?

Yes it is true! The citizens of Zeller City spotted car loads of the opposite sex in the parking lot. Others have spied them driving through campus with the windows down and the systems up.

Is this a violation of the sacred Buckeye Girl’s State law? Stated on page A-6 of your Delegate Information Booklet is the policy, "Boys on campus during Buckeye Girl’s State are expressly prohibited. The Ohio State Highway Patrol Troopers will escort them off campus."

The males in question were driving in a personal vehicle on a public college campus. Should this be considered an offense or a public right? Do these boys apply to the "No Boys" policy we have here at Buckeye Girl’s State? Perhaps our courts should discuss this issue. Until then, you be the judge.

- Georgia McRoberts, Zeller City

Wet and Wild

The girls of Hayes City in Ray County have found a unique way to beat the heat. Like Atlantis, their city is "Under the Sea". Borrowing from Disney’s "Little Mermaid", they have spread the ocean theme throughout Clayton’s fifth and sixth floor hallways. Blue "waves"hang from the ceiling, sea weed on the floor, and brightly colored sea creatures swing along the walls.

The streets have such names as Aquarius Avenue, Barnacle Boulevard and Shark Street.

There is a surf shop, a tikki post, and The Anchor dance club, along with numerous other businesses. It’s obvious that Mayor Molly Thurman and her girls have been hard at work. So if you get the chance, be sure to check out Hayes City. After all, "it’s always better down where it’s wetter- Under the Sea!"

- Jennifer Snyder, Hayes City

Don’t forget that your City page for the Roster is due by 10:00 PM Thursday (tonight!!) if you want to get it in the Roster. Please make sure it is in black ink, blue ink won’t copy.

Faux Fire

It was a chaotic 3 minutes in Janis City yesterday when Fire Chief Joy Stoller announced that room 318 was engulfed in flames. With remarkable composure, Stoller fastened her fire chief helmet, sounded the fire bell, and rounded up the Janis City residents. Despite Stoller’s overwhelming calm, arm flailing, screaming citizens poured out of their rooms. Residents, one of whom was yanked out of the shower, several others ripped from their businesses, and the majority shoeless, bounded down 3 flights of stairs. With the certainty that the crackle of roaring flames were at their heels, nervous Janisonians moved the fastest they have all week!

Once on the lawn, basking in a relieved safety, citizens turned painfully anxious eyes upward. An expectation of looming smoke clouds rolling out of a third story window was shared by all. Instead, the sky was clear and all was well. Confused residents turned to Chief Stoller who proceeded to shrug her shoulders and say "false alarm".

- Amanda Hall, Janis City

BGS Congress Ready to Go

The Buckeye Girls State Congress has organized with commendable efficiency and is ready for functioning. The House of Representatives appointed its Speaker of the House, Bethany Root. The Speaker Pro Tempore (Nationalist) is Alisa Stone. The Majority Leader is Kara Kirkpartrick, and Lisa Lento has been chosen as Assistant Majority Leader. Lexis Marquet has been appointed Majority Whip. The House has already broken up into several committees and have begun discussion of possible bills.

The Senate, too, is hard at work. Amber Adams has been chosen as President of the BGS State Senate. The Majority Whip is Mandy Aquino, and the Minority Leader is Julia Mueller. The Assistant Minority Leader is Erin Corral, and the Minority Whip is Rose Bachtel. The Senate, too, is organizing into committees and planning potential bills.

The citizens of BGS are sure to benefit from the hard-working members of Congress.

- Emma Haas, Rice City; Contributors: Stacey Arnold, Megan Wise

Rice City Successfully Functioning

Rice City has engaged in a bustle of activity since its city elections have taken place. The city engineer’s committee has already began construction of public roads and other facilities. Major Kacie Scherry made many appointments for Rice City, and the city council discussed several projects. The election board has steamed into its duties with extreme efficiency.

In addition, many Rice City citizens have begun their businesses. Among them are a YMCA/fitness center, a movie theater, a dance club, and a veterinarian’s office.

Several suggestions have been made for the city flower, such as poppy, and the city song, namely "Respect" by Aretha Franklin.

- Emma Haas, Rice City

State Inauguration

Girls Staters and guests attending the State Inauguration ceremonies were welcomed Wednesday evening by a variety of patriotic excerpts, compliments of the 2000 BGS band. Following the invocation, pledge, and National Anthem, the 2000 BGS choir invited the congregation in a vocal tribute to BGS, "Here’s to Girls State." Each Girls Stater holding a state office was introduced during the energy-packed processional.

The oath of office was administered to the executive, legislative, and judicial branches of the state level by the Honorable Alice Robie Resnick, Justice of the Ohio Supreme Court. She made an effort to introduce the need for our elected state officials to utilize their positions to push for higher education policies.

"This life is like a basket of fruit and Buckeye Girls State is one of the sweetest fruits I’ve ever tasted," began BGS governor, Jennifer Bittinger. Bittinger targeted the importance of humbleness in one’s life and how it plays such a vital role in personal being. "I want to be your friend before I want to be your governor," she continued. She quoted from the Bible, stating that each and everyone of us are different. She said that we have been given these gifts to share with others and that our experiences at BGS should be remembered as a priceless fruit in our lives.

- Michelle Gregg, Cary City

Bank Closing Friday!

Don’t forget to close out your account with the BGS bank. It will be open until 7:00 PM Friday evening. All accounts must be closed by that time.

Things are being lost all over the campus and no one is coming in to claim them. If you are missing something, come by the Lost and Found to see if its here.

-- Information Center

History of the Ohio State Flag

Ohio’s swallow-tailed flag, adopted by the state general assembly on May 9, 1902, was designed by a Cleveland, architech, John Eisenman.

The triangle in the flag represents the State’s hills and valleys. The stripes depict Ohio’s roads and waterways. Ohio, of course, is called the BUCKEYE SATE. The white circle stands for the initial letter of Ohio, and the red center signifies a BUCKEYE. The 13 stars nearest the circle represent the 13 original states. There are 17 stars in all because Ohio was the 17th state to join the Union.

Ohio is the only state to use this type of flag, or BURGEE as some people prefer to call it, as its symbol. All other state flags are rectangular.

Bittinger Cries Again!

To see this girl around the campus you would think that she had broke the off-switch to her tear ducts, but in all actuality of meeting her, you realize the truth behind her tears. These are tears not of pain or unhappiness, but instead tears of hard work, pride, and love for every girl here. She has made Greene City proud while her campaign was in full bloom, she has made us proud during the county and state elections, and now she will make us proud as Governor. Jen, cry as much as you want, you definitely deserve it.

- Abbey Dezee, Greene City



ASHLAND - Friday, June 16, the Ohio State Auditor Jim Petro is coming to visit Carolyn Garris, the Buckeye Girls State Auditor, and her statff. He will be arriving at 3:00 PM and the office staff will be meeting with him at the Eagle’s Nest. There are eight members of Garris’ staff.

Petro is the 29th Ohio Auditor of State, and he is currently serving his second term. His administration has been able to increase the audit efficiency by 74%, identify 16 million dollars in Medicaid fraud, and increase professional auditing standards.

The Auditor of State’s job entails duties such as: auditing all of the public offices in the State of Ohio, writing more than 11 million checks needed for the payroll, distributing state revenues, keeping inventory and all deed records belonging to property owned by the state, etc.


The very enthusiastic City of Garfield has been busy developing their businesses and city regulations. Some very creative minds set up a radio station with the coolest tunes around, so stop on by to Garfield City and join with their hoppin’ disc jockies, Jazzin’ Jen and Hip Hop Betsy Bop. If you choose not to check out this crazy station, you’ll be missing out on more than a few good tunes’ you will also miss a wonderful opportunity to make great friendships with all of the smiling girls in Garfield City. So if you happen to be in the neighborhood, check out Garfield City’s radio station or tune in to KJGB mix 107.

From the Editor: Lorna stopped me in the hall yesterday evening. She had seen the article about her and thought it was wonderful. Except…she’s 11 months old, not 11 years old. And you know how women are about their ages. So I told her I’d print a correction in today’s paper. So don’t tell her she’s looking good for her age. Okay?

The date, May 22 of 2000. A drunken driver staggers up the highway, a corvette lay totaled alongside the road, a cracked and red-stained windshield, ambulances, flashing lights, statements, and citations..far from "a terrific" scene to stumble upon. Despite the contradiction of character his name suggests, Tom Terrific swears that he was only drunk; that his newly found friend was driving; it wasn’t he who wrecked the automobile; honest. The prosecuting attorney had a few things to say about that. Not only was the blood found on the drivers’ side of the windshield an identical match to Mr. Terrific’s type, the hesitation and indecisiveness displayed in his answers led one to believe that maybe, just maybe, the truth was being stretched by the defense team.

Despite his negotiating nature, the jury found Mr. Tom Terrific guilty of negligence to control an automobile. He was sentenced to 6 months in jail, a $1000 fine and payment of court costs, alcohol counseling and license suspension. Watch those highways; you never know what is over the next hill. - Michelle-Dawn Gregg, Cary City

Winner of Ideal City Award
City of Hobart
Winner of Ideal County Award
County of Riley


Setting goals, planning for the future, maintaining GPS’s, arranging the best schedule…all "short term" ideals we frequently ponder. Still, we feel that enduring four years of high school education is a long term to under go. Even with the diploma in our hands, we comment on the reality that it’s finally over. But the joy that it does bring to our lives is of a wordless description. The highlights of our successes, achieving those long-aspired objectives. Wee, imagine that objective, as mentioned earlier, to be a 12 year race; full of hurdles and lane restrictions. A race where "second winds" are sparse and far between. The winner is determined by not stopwatches, but peoples’ opinions and assumptions. The victor in this certain 12-year-course was none other than Mr. Bob Taft. His prize you ask? The honorable title of Governor for the glorious State of Ohio.

Political races aren’t the only daily clashed in which this gentleman engages. His life is a fast-paced and duty-oriented combination involving appointment of over 600 state officials, correspondence with fellow governors, meetings and presentations, and the tutoring of one very special 4th grader.

After all the cameras flashed, Mr. Taft gave a short address to the Girls State delegation regarding the great honor we have all received in being chosen to attend BGS and how our experiences here will undoubtedly influence our lives for years to come. In response to the questions posted by the BGS State Officials, Mr. Taft turned his attention to his proposed "Ohio Reads" program; forecasted a proposal of $10 billion dollars collectively to Ohio schools within a period of 12 years. Mr. Taft stands as a diligent executor of upgraded educational policies. In light of a question presented by the audience, Mr. Taft agreed that strides currently being made by the sate for the sake of education seem small. But in reality, re reminded us that the planning involved in these strides is worth having hope in and supporting.

This man obviously has a passion to prepare the future for expansion of their own abilities. He wnet on to say that he intended to run for a second term for governor in the 2002 election. Assuredly, he’ll be receiving the support of many Girls Staters here this week.

- Michelle-Dawn Gregg, Cary City

BGS Congress Loves to Debate

The walls of the Buckeye Girls State House of Representatives and Senate have been filled with fiery discussions and heated debate. The members are living up to their duties as they enthusiastically bring up the pros and cons of bills. In the House of Representatives, Representative Olds had submitted a bill requiring surveillance cameras in daycare centers and thorough background checks on citizens seeking free daycare. The bill was hotly debated, especially after an amendment adding a statewide sales tax to fund daycare centers was attached to the bill. The majority of Federalists (the minority party) opposed the bill, saying there wasn’t enough evidence that surveillance cameras were needed, and that the amendment shouldn’t be added since it wasn’t related to the bill itself. The supporters of the bill argued that surveillance cameras would prevent inadequate care of children, but no vote was reached before the session ended.

In the Senate, a bill dealing with preservation of historical landmarks and homes was up for passage. The sponsors of the bill sought to allow property owners to "have their {historical} homes relocated as a form of just compensation during economic development." An amendment was added by the Federalists trying to pass the bill, stating that the property owners would have to agree on the new location of their homes. Debate ensued when they point was addressed that any home owner forced to relocate would disapprove of any new location. On a side note, it was decided that debate on a bill would be limited to fifteen minutes and debate on an amendment to a bill would be limited to five minutes. From the busy activities of the Buckeye Girls State Congress, it is clear that it will be a successful tribute to the overall welfare of Buckeye Girls State.

- No name, no city


Throughout all of your general assemblies, we have danced, sang along, and listened to the beautiful melodies of the Buckeye Girls State Band. The girls have participated in band practice every afternoon before a performance. Tunes include: "God Bless America", "The Star Spangled Banner", and "Hail to the Chief".

The BGS band likes to have some fun as well by playing songs like "Hang on Sloopy", "Devil in a Blue Dress", "Louie, Louie" and other fun songs.

Band members can be recognized by the light blue band ribbons pinned on their nametags. If you see a band member, stop and thank them for their hard work.

- Heidi Gerlosky, Gage City

Did you know that "Hang on Sloopy" was named the state rock song for the State of Ohio by our State Congress?

Where’s the wall?

Do we have anymore green construction paper? Where are the scissors? Every citizen of Gish has heard these questions and many more. Vigoursly decorating during every minute of free time, Gish City rapidly developed. Complete with a life size park, numerous restaurants, firehouse, aquarium and photography studio, Gish is a city full of ambition and dreams. Hollywood is the theme as Sunset Blvd travels through Gish passing Mexican Jumping Bean, Sunset Beach and Planet Hollywood.

At night, Gish is known for its display of stars. In fact, its been said that its better than the northern lights. To see this city full of wonder just step off the trolley on the fifth floor of Clark Hall and look for the palm trees.

- Sarah Yonkey, Gish City


On June 15, 2000, Erin Hearndon, the treasurer of Oakley City was found hung in the gym. Foul play is suspected and the Sheriff sees Erin Seagraves as the main culprit. There will be an autosopy of the body to see if poison was administered before death. If you know anything about this "murder," please contact the Shimek County Sheriff.

- Oakley City


Having a rough day? Need somewhere to relax? Come visit the beach town resort in Oakley City. Not only do we have an all inclusive beach, complete with lifeguards and dolphins. We also have many special interest shops. The Massage Parlor or the Free Spirits Herbal Shop are both great places to come and clear your mind after a day of hard work here at Girls State. The bright atmosphere and creative community of Oakley welcome you. So, whatever your trouble, forget about it and catch the O-Wave.

- Randi Weaver, Oakley City


The citizens of Zeller City were shocked as they returned from lunch on Thursday, June 15. The body of Mr. Woof, who resided at 317 East Main Street, Zeller City, was found hanging by a cord on the west side of town. Resident Carrie Bilinovich discovered Mr. Woof at 1:45 PM, on her way to Trump Slaughter House. Mr. Woof was a single, dirty blond hound dog, with deep brown eyes. He was an outstanding citizen, and a devoted friend to the whole community. Coroner Kristen Hesterman arrived at the scene at approximately 2:00 PM. She pronounced the cause of death suicidal hanging but suggested a full autopsy. Due to his status in the city of Zeller, foul play is not suspected. Hesterman stated, "It is a sad, sad day for Zeller City." Neighbot and friend, Carrie Bilinovich announced funeral arrangements are being made by Zeller Funeral Home. The funeral will be held Friday, June 16 at 4:00 PM, at Zeller City Pet Cemetery. Bilinovich stated, "I was devastated that such a thing could happen here in Zeller City." In honor of such a beloved friend and outstanding citizen, the Zeller City Council proclaimed June 16, Mr. Woof day. He will be missed by all Citizens of Zeller City.

- Georgia McRoberts, Zeller City

Friends Forever

The song "Graduation" by Vitamin C is a perfect song for the end of BGS. A quote from "Graduation" is "As we go on, we remember, all the times we, had together." Even though BGS delegates are not graduating, we will still remember all the good and bad times that we had at Buckeye Girls State.

Most people would agree that all the girls at BGS are friendly and willing to make new friends. Because of this willingness, many friendships have been made, some for a lifetime and some for a week. Either way, these friendships will be memorable.

Its not only the willingness of the girls, but also the way we all had to work together on all levels of all branches. People are working together to make things happen. While learning the skills of teamwork and communication, delegates are working on lasting friendships.

Many delegates would give the same advice to future Buckeye Girls Staters: make new friends and have lots of fun, creating lasting memories.

- Jenna Wolp, Cook City


Don’t forget you need to close out your account today (Friday) by 7:00 PM.

Be sure and check the Lost and Found in the information office. They have raincoats, umbrellas, a jacket and so forth.

We want to say in front of everyone what a great job our BGS coordinator, Dean Bloxum, does for us. He keeps track of all the records, does the computer work, and, yep, coordinates. We appreciate all the things he does for us and we’re just sorry that we have to drive him crazy. So if you see this guy walking around campus (he has a staff ribbon on) please be sure and thank him, too. Thanks, Dean!!!

To the Editor:

We would like to thank the members of the BGS Chorus and Band for their dedication and hard work this week. The talent that you brought to our groups is immeasurable. We have truly enjoyed working, performing, and "getting to know you." As you return to your high school music program, we wish you the best in your senior musical endeavors. Remember your musical experiences at BGS and share that enthusiasm for music with others.

Leslie Michel, Chorus Director
Brian "Bruce" Myers, Band Director

From the Editor:

Thank you to all the girls that submitted articles for the Buckeye, poems for the poetry contest (don’t forget to look for them in the Roster) and the City Pages that were submitted. Also special thanks to the girls that helped by doing some of the typing for us. Good luck and best wishes to all.

- "The Buckeye" staff

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