2008 City and Name History

Buckeye Girls State 2008
County and City Name History
WARNER, Mrs. James (Marilyn)
Akron, Ohio
Department President 1967 - 1968
Theme: "The Woman's Touch"
Past Director of Buckeye Girls State

ALLEN, Judge Florence E. had the distinction of holding many firsts for women: 1908 – first woman in law school at the Chicago University Law School; 1915 – first woman to receive a law degree from New York University; 1919 – first woman admitted to the Ohio bar; 1922 – first woman in the world to serve as judge of a State Supreme Court, or its equivalent, and re–elected in 1928; 1934 – first woman to sit on a Federal Court. She is a member of the Ohio Women's Hall of Fame. (1884–1965)

BENSON, Mildred (Millie)Reporter and columnist for the Toledo Blade starting in 1944 and author of more than 130 published books including Nancy Drew Books under the pen name of Carolyn Keene. Also, she has written over 100 short stories for young people. She owned her own airplane, held private, commercial, seaplane and instrument ratings. Honors bestowed on "Millie" are by the Ohio Library Association Amos Root Award in Ariatim, and the Iowa and Ohio Women's Hall of Fame.

BOMBECK, Erma Named after Erma Bombeck who was a famed columnist and author. She received the American Cancer Society's 1990 Medal of Honor. She has been listed as one of the "25 Most Influential Women in America". She held sixteen Honorary Doctorates, served on President' Carter's Advisory Committee for Women. She was name The American Legion Auxiliary "Woman of the Year" in 1991 at the 71st National convention held in Phoenix, Arizona. She is a member of Ohio Women's Hall of Fame. (1927 – 1996)

COOK, Deborah L. Justice Cook was elected to the Ohio Supreme Court in 1994 for a six–year term. She attended the University of Akron and received her Juris Doctor in 1978. She is the Chairman of the Commission on Public Legal Education and a Past President of the Akron Bar Association Foundation. Her other law activities include Ohio Courts Futures Commission; Ohio Commission on Dispute Resolution and Conflict Management; Fellow of the American Bar Foundation. Her community activities have involved: Summit County United Way Broad of Trustees; Volunteer Center Board of Trustees; Stan Hywet Hall and Gardens Board of Trustees; Women's Network Board of Directors; Chaired Junior Leadership Akron project; Safe Landing Shelter Volunteer and Mobile Meals volunteer.

DAVIDSON, Jo Ann Jo Ann Davidson has achieved a distinguished record of public service in her over 33–year career. She is currently serving as Interim Director of the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services. Davidson served as the first woman Speaker of the Ohio House of Representatives from 1995 to 2000. Her leadership guided many important legislative initiatives through the Ohio General Assembly.

BALZHISER, Mrs. Jack (Jane)
Milford, Ohio
Department President 1975 - 1976
Theme: "Forward Together"

DAY, Doris An actress and singer, she was born in Cincinnati and made her theatrical debut at the age of four. From 1948 to 1950 she was leading lady on the Bob Hope Show. In 1950, she received the Laurel Award as the leading new female personality in the motion picture business. She was a veteran of nearly 20 films. Today, she runs the Doris Day Animal League in Carmel, CA which advocates homes and proper care of household pets. In 1981, she was inducted into the Ohio Women's Hall of Fame.

DEAL, Sara M. In April 1995, Capt. Sarah M. Deal made history – she earned her wings as a naval aviator, thus becoming the first female marine pilot in the 220–year history of the Marine Corps. Deal is a Kent State University alumnus. She flies the largest helicopter used by the military – the CH–53E Super Stallion – to support and supply ground troops. In addition to her military duties, Deal works with Drug Abuse Resistance Education programs. She is a member of the Ohio Women's Hall of Fame.

FLOWERS, Daisy M. Daisy moved to Ohio in the late 1930s to farmland with her brother. Her brother's death in World War II sparked her involvement in the American Legion Auxiliary as well as a lifetime of community service to Central Ohio. She promoted the participation of minority students in Buckeye Boys' and Girls' State. Flowers was known to share her good fortune from her sandwich shop business by delivering boxes of food to residents experiencing tragedy due to death or accident. Throughout her life, Flowers continue to focus on family and community. In 1977, she became the first African–American female investigator to serve on the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio. She is a member of the Ohio Women's Hall of Fame. (1916–1996)

GLENN, Annie In the small town of New Concord, Anna Margaret Castor befriended a boy named John Glenn, Jr. The two become playmates, then sweethearts and married years later. She graduated from Muskingum College as a music major. Throughout her childhood and adult life, Glenn has overcome a severe stuttering problem. Her challenge has inspired her dedication to community organizations such as the National Deafness and Other Communication disorders Advisory Council of the National Institutes of health as well as the advisory panel of Central Ohio Speech and Hearing Association. She is committed to programs serving children, the elderly and persons with disabilities. In her spare time, Annie serves as a radio operator and navigator when she and her husband fly their own plane. She is a member of the Ohio Women's Hall of Fame.

HAYES, Lucy Webb A native of Chillicothe, she received her college degree from the Wesleyan Female Seminary in Cincinnati in 1852. In 1853, she married Rutherford B. Hayes, the 19th President of the United States. The first president's wife to have a college degree, the First Lady acquired the nickname "Lemonade Lucy" because she forbade smoking, drinking, dances, and card parties in the White House. She is a member of the Ohio Women's Hall of Fame. (1831–1889)

BATES, Mrs. Pete (Pam)
Enon, Ohio
Department President 1997 - 1998
Theme: "Send Our Veterans and Children a Rainbow"

HOBART, Edith Irwin Born in Cincinnati in 1869, she became the only woman to have held a National presidency of the two largest American women's patriotic organizations—The Daughters of the American Revolution and the American Legion Auxiliary. She was the first National President of the American Legion Auxiliary. (1869–1958)

JONES, Stephanie Tubbs Jones She is former Cuyahoga County Prosecutor and Judge of both the Common Pleas and Municipal Courts. U.S. Representative Jones attended Case Western Reserve University undergraduate and law school. She is a life long resident of Cleveland the 11th Congressional District. U. S. Representative Jones is committed to a strong educational system and campaigned on the need for economic growth, a patient's Bill of Rights, senior long–term care, Social Security and a decent minimum wage. U.S. Representative Jones is member of the Ohio Women's Hall of Fame.

JUNGE, Miriam From Holgate, Ohio, Miriam served the Department of Ohio American Legion Auxiliary as President in 1969–1970. As National Communication Chairman, she wrote the first communications book. She was appointed National Secretary to the American Legion Auxiliary in 1979 and held this position until 1994. As National Secretary, Miriam was very much involved in Girls Nation and was considered the liaison between the Auxiliary and the Federal Government. She currently resides in Indianapolis and is involved in the Indianapolis community, her church, serves on several local boards and is an Associate/Trainer for the L.S. Ayers Department Store.

KAPTUR, Marcy U.S. Representative Kaptur, represents the Toledo area's Ninth Congressional District in Northwest Ohio. She is currently serving her tenth term. U.S. Representative Kaptur ranks as the senior Democratic woman in Congress and ranks as the senior Democratic woman on the exclusive House of Appropriations Committee. She is one of 61 women out of 535 members of the 107th Congress. She is a life long resident of Toledo and graduate of St. Ursula Academy. She received her BA in history from the University of Wisconsin; her MS in Urban Planning from the University of Michigan and awarded an Honorary Doctor of Laws degree by the University of Toledo in recognition of her "effective representation of the community." U.S. Representative Kaptur is a member of the Ohio Women's Hall of Fame.

MERRITT, Agnes S. Born in New York, she graduated from Hunter College (BA) and Ohio State (MSC). An educator and a certified Parliamentarian. She increased promotional opportunities for women by opening educational facilities and programs to them. From 1933 to 1979 she was either Director of Government or Director of the American Legion Auxiliary's Buckeye Girls State. She wrote the "Ohio Government Digest", a reference book used for Buckeye Girls and Boys State. Agnes was Past Department President of the American Legion Auxiliary; past State President of Federation of Business and Professional Women's Clubs; listed in "Who's Who"; and a member of the Ohio Women's Hall of Fame; Freedom's Foundation Award Winner; a member of the Governor's Committee on the Status of Women (1966–1967); and the Women's Advisory Council for the Ohio Bureau of Employment Services. (1899 – 1992)

BOND, Mrs. Richard (JoAnne)
Newark, Ohio
Department President 1992 - 1993
Theme: "It's a Wonderful Country"
Past Director of Buckeye Girls State
Served on Girls Nation Staff

MONTGOMERY, Betty D. Attorney General Montgomery graduated from Bowling Green State University and the University of Toledo College of Law. She was sworn in as Ohio's first woman Attorney General and is currently serving her second four–year term. A former criminal prosecutor and state senator, she has spent her entire career protecting Ohio's vulnerable citizens by prosecuting criminals, helping victims, protection consumers, reshaping Ohio law, and supporting local law enforcement across the state. Attorney General Montgomery is a member of the Ohio Women's Hall of Fame.

OAKLEY, Phoebe Annie Moses Born in Darke County, Annie had a natural talent with a rifle and was able to supplement the family income by selling much of the game she shot. On a visit to a local shooting club at the age of 15, she beat professional marksman Frank Butler in a shooting match. In 1876, they were married and traveled as a dual–shooting act. Annie joined Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show in 1885 and was known as "Little Sure Shot". She remained with the show for 16 years until she was seriously injured in a train accident. She recovered and played Western heroines on stage for three years as well as traveling to various camps during World War I demonstrating her marksmanship. She was an adopted daughter of Sitting Bull. "Anne Get Your Gun" is based on her life story. Baseball passes are called Annie Oakley's (punched as though by a bullet). A car accident in 1892 left her partially paralyzed and bedridden. To occupy her time, she started writing an autobiography, which she was able to complete. She is a member of the Ohio Women's Hall of Fame. (1860–1926)

O'CONNOR, Maureen Maureen O'Connor was sworn in as Ohio's 62nd Lt. Governor on January 11, 1999. As Lt. Governor, she presides over the State and Local Government Commission, a panel that acts as a liaison between the state and local election officials. O'Connor serves as Governor Taft's chief policy advisor on criminal justice issues. As second–in–command, she would succeed, by constitution authority, to the Office of the Governor should he be unable to perform the duties of the office. She has held the positions of Director of Public Safety, Summit County Prosecutor, Summit County Common Pleas Judge and Summit County Probate Court Referee.

RESNICK, Alice Robie Justice Resnick graduated from Siena Heights College and the University of Detroit School of Law. Alice Robie Resnick was only the fourth woman to be elected to statewide office in Ohio when elected to the Supreme court of Ohio in 1988 and the second woman elected to the Ohio Supreme Court. Throughout her 36–year career as a lawyer and judge, she has concentrated on improving both the legal profession and the judiciary and elevating the status of women. Justice Resnick has always been interested in reducing crime, prevention of addiction to alcohol and illegal drugs. Justice Resnick is a member of the Ohio Women's Hall of Fame.

RICE, Helen Steiner Born in Lorain, Ohio around 1900, she died after an illness on April 23, 1981 in Cincinnati, Ohio. Friends knew her for her love of hats. Helen penned an estimated two million poems throughout her lifetime. More than five million copies of her books and booklets and 80 million greeting cards have been sold. Her best sellers include "Someone Cares", "Heart Gifts", "Loving Promises", "Remembering", "With Love", and "A Time to Love". She worked for the Dayton Power & Light Company in Lorain in 1925 and for Gibson Greeting Cards for 40 years. She is a member of the Ohio Women's Hall of Fame. (approx. 1900–1981)

CHANDLER, Mrs. Clifford (Ruth)
Tulsa, Oklahoma
Department President 1978 - 1979
Theme: "SOS - Smile of Service"

STOWE, Harriet Beecher Stowe moved to Cincinnati and began her career as a teacher in 1832. After marriage, she stopped teaching and began writing to supplement her husband's income. While living in Cincinnati, she became acquainted with several abolitionist and runaway slaves. She aided the escape of numerous slaves through the Underground Railroad. Angered by the horrors of slavery, she began writing a serial denouncing the evils of slavery. In 1952, Uncle Tom's Cabin was published. She also published several children's stories and poems. Stowe penned Pink and White Tyranny, attacking the idea that women should remain helpless showpieces for the pleasure of men. She is a member of the Ohio Women's Hall of Fame. (1811–1896)

TAFT, Helen H. Born in Cincinnati, Helen helped organize the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra. While her husband was President of the United States, she secured 3,000 Japanese cherry trees to line the streets of Washington, D.C. These same trees still bloom beautifully every spring. (1861 – 1943)

VIVO, Pat. This nationally known speaker and author from Youngstown, Ohio reaches audiences of all sizes. Unforgettable Lessons in Living are the result of growing up with deaf parents, teaching, marriage to a prominent politician, and raising eight children. All groups, especially teenagers, educators, and women are profoundly affected by her message that is shared with over 1900 groups long after Pat leaves the platform. She is the author of Turn Right at the Next Comer which was published in 1991, and the second edition was printed in 1996.

WITHROW, Mary Ellen. Born in Marion County, Ohio. The Senate confirmed her in 1994 as the 40th Treasurer of the United States. She is the first person to have held the post of treasurer at all three levels of government – local, state and national. Since her appointment in 1994, Treasurer Withrow's signature has appeared on more U.S. paper currency than any other person's. The Guinness Book of Records has presented her with a certificate. Treasurer Withrow is a member of the Ohio Women's Hall of Fame.

ZELLER, Leta Irene Born on a farm north of Gibsonburg, Leta worked her way through the offices of the American Legion Auxiliary and became the second National President from the Department of Ohio. She was the first Director of Buckeye Girls State and held that position for thirteen years. Leta owned and operated a beauty shop and later worked for the Sandusky County Aid in 1964. (1902 – 1970)

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