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The Online Orientation is NOW ready for Delegates and Alternates to take. Please be sure to read your packet before you sign in to take it. Once you take the orientation, it may several days before your name shows that it was completed.

Welcome to the American Legion Auxiliary Buckeye Girls State On-Line Orientation. In 2003 the Buckeye Girls State Board of Directors unanimously approved a plan to provide this service in order to standardize the information communicated to BGS Delegates and Alternates and to provide a convenient method for BGS Delegates (and Alternates replacing Delegates) to learn about the Buckeye Girls State Program. A basic knowledge of the Program will greatly increase what attendees gain from Buckeye Girls State and make their attendance a much more enjoyable experience. We also encourage your parent(s) to follow along while you take the Orientation so they gain an understanding of what the Program is all about. You must thoroughly read the packet of information you have received in order to successfully complete this Orientation. If you are an Alternate taking the Orientation, you must have read the information included in the Delegate Packet contained on this website.

Once completed, if you have questions about Buckeye Girls State just follow the prompts to email your question to BGS. An answer will be emailed to you promptly. Also check our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) database. We will be active in adding questions and answers to this database.

Also be sure to complete and have your parents complete the Medical Record and Consent Form contained in your Delegate Packet. This form must be received by Buckeye Girls State before your attendance is assured. Should you be eligible and wish to apply for the Samsung Scholarship or Senate Youth Program, the applications are available in your packet or on-line complete and submit as directed. Should you wish to participate in the BGS Band or pre-register for a Special Entertainment opportunity complete the appropriate form(s) and submit as directed.

Your Application Number is included on the label of your Delegate Information Packet or look up your name in the Delegate Database. You will not be able to log into the orientation until you receive your Delegate Information Packet.

If you are an Alternate taking the orientation, your Application Number is included in the address block of the instruction letter sent to you or enter your name in the Delegate Database and refer to the "Alternate Search Results" section.

Proceed to the Online Orientation!

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